Nutrioz Mixed roots chip original Thai spices flavor

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NUTRIOZ is more than just ordinary root chips.
Its the perfect blend of hand sourced vegetables, naturally sweet slight touch.

After ages of crafting recipes,
we have finally found the perfect profile of tasty and healthy vegetable chips.
Through hand-sourced roots vegetable from diverse farms in Thailand, and
profound home-cooked crafting process, packs of delectable crisp chips are produced.


Type: Fruit & Vegetable Snacks
Texture: Crsipy
Packaging: Packing : 50g x 24 Packs / Carton
Shelf life : 12 Months

1 Bag of Nutrioz Content of roots as 
* VIOLET POTATO  Rich in antioxidants and vitamin A,B,C and Calcium found in this enchanted natural vibrant color.
* SWEET POTATO  No ordinary sweetness, this potato gives you youthful elasticity skin. Tremendous source of vitamins and collagen are waiting to be found!
* TANGELO POTATO  Each piece contains more than 200 ratio of daily requirement for Vitamin A. This improves your visions!
* TARO   Massively help you improve digestion and lower blood sugar level