De Le Lita Whole Wheat Chips Original Flavored 30G.

De La Lita
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Whole Wheat snack  With 40% Whole Wheat flour as main ingredient

Every Day from dessing and desirable dip recipes, To the best-selected-ingredient snacks. Enjoy everyday "Whole Wheat Chips"
We select only the best-quality ingredient to make it crispy, and yummy why it was so delicious, and you were not easy to stop at one.

De La Lita


Whole Wheat Chips

Texture: Crsipy
Packaging: 30g x 24 packs /carton
shelf lie 12 months

-Whole Wheat snack . 40% Whole Wheat flour as main ingredient

-Baking process made less oil presend

-Product shelf life 12 months

- Factory received GMP certificatiom  by National Food Institution

-Flavor available : Original , BBQ and Sour Cream

- High Fiber content

- Light brown packaging made for look clean and healthy products

- Made variety consumption etc . Dipping with salad cream , topping salad