Dolly's Pandan Cream Filled Sandwich Cookies 450g

Dolly Biscuits
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Dolly's Sandwich Biscuits Filled with High Quality Pandanus Cream Premium Food Snack

The best seller baking exceptional biscuits, cookies, crackers, wafers and snacks for generations. The passion that we bring to bake extends to every facet of our company,
We select only the best-quality ingredient to make it crispy, and yummy why it was so delicious, and you were not easy to stop at one. 
Brand: Dolly Biscuits
Type: Craker
Texture: Crsipy
Packaging: A plastic jar with designed sticker
Dimension: 26 x 39 x 27 cm

* 50% Wheat flour

* Thai style biscuits filled with cream pandan flavor

* Best seller exporting product to EU country .

* Product s are Halal . Received the Certification Halal by Central Halal institution

* Factory received GMP ,HACCP certificate

* Transparent package made the product inside more visible

* Product net weight 450g per jar

* The sticker label at the back side able change according to our customer required .

* This biscuits used artificial color and flavor produce the products

* Allergic information : Contains Wheat , Milk and Soy