Sesamilk Original White Sesame Milk 200ml.

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Sesamilk The 100% genuine sesame milk, extracted from premium grade natural sesame seeds, free from dairy milk and soy milk

The aromatic and creamy White Sesamilk with smooth flavor is made from good quality white sesame seeds, rich in nutrients and high Sesamin. It is easy to drink, and whether to mix with tea or coffee, it is aromatic and delicious, filling up energy for refreshing feeling with full benefits in a box.
The highlight of the white sesame is its high protein, copper, potassium, and phytate that help prevent cancer, prevent heart disease, nourish the brain, nourish bones, prevent muscle weakness, and promote skin to be soft and look healthy.
 Nourishes the brain

Good for the hearth

Strengthens muscles

Prevents cancer

Nourishes bones

Suitable for all sexes and ages



Sesame Milk

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Packing : 200ml x 12 Packs x 3 Boxes / cartons 
Carton Size : 28 x 33 x 14 cms 
Shelf life : 12 Months


Sesame milk original flavor sterilize with 2% sugar . Sesamilk dairy-free drink can consume with coffee and tea , hot or cold .


The differentation present of "Sesamin" as the White Sesame milk can provide 392.40mg/200ml while the Black Sesame milk can provide 30mg/200ml due to Black sesame gone on process extrace into milk which the Black Sesame will removed the cover while the white do not on the process finalise made the result of black sesamin less than white sesamin about 10 times .


* Rich in Nutrition such Vitemin A , B1 , B2 , B6, B12, Vitamin E , Vitamin K , Vitamin C

* Rice in Meniral such Folate , Boitin , Iron 

* High Sesamin  392 mg / 200 ml 

* Lactose Free , Soy Free , Dairy Free 

* Gluten Free