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Chewy Fruit Snack

Chewy Lover's Friend For Teenager and Working People
If you're looking for a quality fruit snack for your next event, which can get everybody enjoy and smile? We have the answers.

45% Fruit Puree

"A good-quality soft candy fruit snack made from fresh fruit puree. The smooth, chewy texture greats for everyone who loves sweet and dessert, but worried that it would be too sweet."

One Never Enough​

It’s suitable for a sweet lover. Jeedjard Gimme Fruit Snacks are made with real and natural fruit, and are also gluten free and fat free. A serving of these fruit snacks will also offer you 100% of their daily vitamin intake.

JeedJard Gimme Tamarind

Tamarind Soft Candy

The health benefits of tamarind are nature’s and can help improve digestive system. JeedJard Gimme fruit snack is a special type of chewy fruit snack, with a 45% fruit puree and less sugar, Free from gelatin.

JeedJard Gimme Passion Fruit

Tamarind Soft Candy

The health benefits of passion fruit are nature’s and a lot of Vitamin, Mineral, Carbohydrate and High fiber. Nourishing skin complexion, Anti-oxidants and a comfortable night sleep. JeedJard Gimme fruit snack is a special type of chewy fruit snack, with a 45% fruit puree and less sugar, Free from gelatin.

Mango Soft Candy

The health benefits of mango are nature’s and high vitamin A, C, Beta Carotene cough relief, help your thirst. JeedJard Gimme fruit snack is a special type of chewy fruit snack, with a 45% fruit puree and less sugar, Free from gelatin.

Did you know?

Chewing can boosts brain activities in the several ways. There are many science research has shown that chewing can help you enhance your memories. Moreover, Chewing encourages more blood flow to the brain. When you are chewing your heart rate increase and more Oxygen is delivered to your brain area. Moreover, chewing can reduce your stress and tension to help you feel more relax.

Give me a JeedJard Gimme
Customer Review

Chewy Lover's Friend

We have received quite a few requests from customers to make a new product from natural, soft texture and no gelatin added.
JeedJard Gimme is a special type of chewy fruit snack, When you chew it, you will find a new taste of Thai fruit soft candy. It’s soft chew and do not stick to the teeth, smooth texture and yummier.

Snack at Work

"Snack at Work"

Try them if you’re looking for a chewy fruit snack for your meeting, working without gelatin. Eat one every time you need an idea to help you feel more relax.

Snack For Chewy Lover

"Chewy Lover"

These tasty treats come in three juicy flavors and are gelatin-free these chews are a healthy and practical option for snacking on the go. Pick between tamarind, mango and passion fruit.

Snack For Elder

"Fine for Elder"

Remember these fun fruit snacks when you were a kid? Now you can enjoy JeedJard Gimme with real fruit juice and come in tiny snack-sized pouches so why not restock for old times.

0% gelatin
45% Fruit Puree
50% Less Sugar
100% vegan Snack

Our Certified

Our products quality and factory were certified by Thai FDA, GMP, Halal Certificates, Thailand Trust Mark.

Our Certifled

Everything You Need In One Piece.

why jeedjard gimme?

jeedjard is a well-known brand for chewy fruit product in Thailand. 
we serve many kind of preserved fruits since 2003.
This year, we have launced our new product under brand “jeedjard gimme”  
which is a soft candy with 45% fruit puree.
Anyone who tastes our product shall not stop to say “gimme(give me) a gimme” 
and this is why we call jeedjard gimme.

Snack At Work

JeedJard Gimme made with real fruit. Taste fruit snacks for snacking that are gluten free and vegan. Your customer will be the coolest ones on the activies with these treats in hand. Bite-size for everyone and convenient snacking to carry.

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