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The 100% genuine sesame milk, extracted from premium grade natural sesame seeds, free from dairy milk and soy milk

Sesamilk is the 100% sesame milk that we invented and developed the extracting method of the value of premium grade Thai sesame seeds through the innovation that can bring out the most benefits of sesame seeds in the form of milk.

Touch the aromatic delicious, sweet, and creamy flavor with various benefits. Suitable for people allergic to dairy milk and vegetarian. The alternative for people who love healthiness. Drinkable in all people and good for all ages.


The first in the world with new food innovation that can extract out the value of sesame seeds to be in the form of milk that is easy to drink and fully beneficial.

Sesamilk sesame milk is not only delicious and mellow, but is also the sources of protein, vitamins, and minerals that are beneficial to the body. It is free from cholesterol and gluten. It supports the function of the heart, stimulates metabolic system, nourishes bone and hair, balances out the hormone levels, provides antioxidants, and more importantly sesame contains high Sesamin which is the compound that benefits the body.

Fulfill goodness to the body with sesame milk

Another alternative for Healthy Lifestyle


Natural Sesamin

Sesamin is an active compound found specifically in sesame. From the researches of various institutes, it is found that Sesamin is highly beneficial to the body. With the advanced manufacturing process of Sesamilk, it can extract out natural Sesamin from sesame seeds to be in the sesame milk for the body to obtain the most benefits of Sesamin.

White sesame milk and black sesame milk, 2 styles of deliciousness that are both distinctive in the taste. White Sesamilk Original is the white sesame milk with aromatic sweet and smooth flavor, and Black Sesamilk Original is the black sesame milk with aromatic creamy and rich flavor. Formulated with white sesame and black sesame from the premium grade Thai sesame, they are easy to drink, tasty, and healthy.


The delicious and rich Black Sesamilk with mellow flavor is extracted from premium grade black sesame seeds delivered directly from good quality sesame planting sources. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals that help improve the metabolic system and contains prebiotic dietary fiber. It is a delicious and healthy drink.

The aromatic and creamy White Sesamilk with smooth flavor is made from good quality white sesame seeds, rich in nutrients and high Sesamin. It is easy to drink, and whether to mix with tea or coffee, it is aromatic and delicious, filling up energy for refreshing feeling with full benefits in a box.


Nourishes bones

Nourishes the brain


Good for the heart

Strengthens muscles


Suitable for all sexes and ages

Prevents cancer


The small sesame seeds are enriched with various nutritional values. Sesame seeds contain Sesamin, Sesamol, and Sesamolin that help reduce the cholesterol level in the blood, strengthen the heart, cleanse the coronary arteries, and improve the blood circulatory system, preventing the high blood pressure.

Sesame is rich in antioxidants, so it is an important and effective cancer-fighting agent, especially colon cancer. It also helps reduce the risk of many types of cancer. It is also enriched with calcium, which is 6 times higher than in milk, helping to strengthen bones and increase bone mass. More importantly, the sesame contains Vitamin E that helps nourish skin to be soft and moisturized.

Natural Sesame


Sesamilk is most suitable for people who are vegetarian and those who are allergic to dairy milk or soy milk. It contains no gluten and importantly it is the healthy drink with low sodium. The milk can be taken in all sexes and ages and is very useful for both children and elders.



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