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We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves to you as a corporation specializing in the export of Thai snack products.

What's Inside Thai Snack Products

We have received quite a few requests from customers to make a new product from natural, soft texture and no gelatin added.

JeedJard Gimme is a special type of chewy fruit snack, When you chew it, you will find a new taste of Thai fruit soft candy. It’s soft chew and do not stick to the teeth, smooth texture and yummier. which we believe will be a big seller in international market.

JeedJard Gimme Tamarind
Tamarind Soft Candy

JeedJard Gimme fruit snack is a special type of chewy fruit snack, with a 45% fruit puree and less sugar, no gelatin added. The health benefits of tamarind are nature’s and can help improve digestive system.

JeedJard Gimme Mango
Mango Soft Candy

JeedJard Gimme fruit snack is a special type of chewy fruit snack, with a 45% fruit puree and less sugar, no gelatin added. The health benefits of mango are nature’s and high vitamin A, C, Beta Carotene cough relief, help your thirst.

JeedJard Gimme Passion Fruit
Passion Fruit Soft Candy

JeedJard Gimme fruit snack is a special type of chewy fruit snack, with a 45% fruit puree and less sugar, no gelatin added. Passion fruit are nature’s, and a lot of Vitamin, Mineral, Carbohydrate,High fiber. Nourishing skin complexion, Comfortable night sleep.

JeedJard All Flavours
Chewy Fruit Candy

The major products our corporation offer is the JeedJard chewy tamarind series. Jeedjard made from sweet tamarind, We select only the best quality fruit flesh to make softy, chewy and gummy why It was so delicious and you was not easy to stop at one.

Let’s start awake and get more benefit of Tamarind.

Fruite-10 All Flavours
Chewy Assorted Fruit Candy

Fruite-10 Made from 10% fruits concentrate along with freshness and aromatic that mean feeling as chewy gum but could be swallowing candy.

This product is suitable for kid, teenager and people who need to relax, funny and happy in the mood.

Dolly All Flavours
Dolly's Biscuits

Pineapple Coconut or Cheese Sandwich Biscuits 
A perfect combination of freshly baked biscuits and savory pineapple jam. Selected wheat in combination with 100% all natural pineapple jam create the excellent taste in every bite. Once you start, you can’t stop!

Grainey brown jasmine rice
Grainey Brown Jasmine Rice

Food is one of the joy-able thing human love. But too much of them cost us the unhealthy body and unlikeable body shape.

Stay healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy eating. We know how hard diet was. So we think how can we make good healthy snack, not just low calories but also come with a lot of good nutrition.

We creating the best tasting and healthiest chips coincided with using the best ingredients.

Nutrioz Mixed Root Chips
Nutrioz Mixed Root Chips

MADE WITH LOVE … Farm to table story.

After ages of crafting recipes, we have finally found the perfect profile of tasty and healthy vegetable chips. Through hand-sourced roots vegetable from diverse farms in Thailand, and profound home-cooked crafting process, packs of delectable crisp chips are produced. Today we proudly present this naturally enchanted product that goes with any diets. NUTRIOZ is more than just ordinary root chips. We hope you enjoy our significant blends.

V-Bite Coconut Chips
V-Bites Coconut Chips

Coconut chips 100% fruits snack from Thailand. Royal Coconuts is homemade of premium grade sweet potato with special cooking recipe that help retaining its rich taste and crisp texture . The best for all occasion and all consumer age as a snack , topping and dessert

Coconut crisps are perfect for everyday activity in your car or at the meeting, in the office so you always have a healthy snack, delicious never enough.

Did you know about Thai candy?

Chewing can boosts brain activities in the several ways. There are many science research has shown that chewing can help you enhance your memories. Moreover, Chewing encourages more blood flow to the brain. When you are chewing your heart rate increase and more Oxygen is delivered to your brain area. Moreover, chewing can reduce your stress and tension to help you feel more relax.

Here ‘s What you Need To Start with a JeedJard Gimme?

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